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According to Gartner Group these are the leading e-commerce platforms for 2022.

Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Adobe’s eCommerce platform runs using the Magento open source. The Magento Community Edition offers merchants a free platform for making online stores. This free edition minimizes expenses on the merchant’s side from expensive licensing fees

As a Leader

Magento’s distinct features earned its Leader title. Using its unique performance, functionality, and scaling capabilities, this open-source platform dominated the eCommerce community.

No matter how big or small, anybody can avail of its services.

Main Features

The unique scaling capability of Magento allows users to use this open-source for any business. Whether running a big company or just starting a new one, selling online is easy. Its performance level of functionality is superb in the eCommerce platform.


Magento dominates the eCommerce community using its digital cloud platform. It runs with a commerce technology that supplies B2B and B2C vendors with the necessary tools. By doing so, digital marketing works on specialized customizations and flexible solutions.

Aside from that, multiple integrations and extensions developed by talented techy partners made it better. The competent environment of developers powered Megento’s capacity for scalability. Thus, making it an ideal tool for running a digital marketing business.


Because of Magento’s complexity, running it would be a heavy load. Like a Java application enterprise, Magento runs using PHP. If you’re not used to running a complex system, using Magento could be a hassle.

Another disadvantage is its price tag. Running a small business using Magento uses up most of your resources. Despite having the best experience, dealing with software updates and maintenance is costly.

salesforce logo


Marked as the #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Salesforce can take your eCommerce business to a new level. It specializes in sales, marketing, commerce, and other services to make your eCommerce platform a better store.

As a Leader

The award-winning technology in Salesforce makes it one of the best eCommerce platforms. Its ability to process digital channel platforms maximizes data conversion. As such, using it in digital marketing is the answer to optimizing B2C eCommerce processing.

Main Features

Salesforce specializes in attracting consumers using customized marketing strategies. Identifying your clients’ needs is an edge in dominating the digital marketing community. Salesforce also gives the upper hand in processing deliveries on time.


Addressing clients’ needs is the main goal of digital marketing. Swift customer service with timely intervention allows customers to feel valued. In return, customer satisfaction increases, making your business well-known.

Using Salesforce custom apps help in saving time in completing tasks. As such, allotting time for more important things makes you more productive. In addition, the competitive ecosystem of developers allows Salesforce to dominate the market.


Despite its promising advantages, Salesforce comes with a price. The expensive price is one of Salesforce’s disadvantages. In addition, you need to pay extra fees to maximize add-ons for your digital store.

Aside from that, setting up the platform is time-consuming. The complexity of the program allows only experts to operate the system. The interface is also a bit disorganized, making it difficult to navigate.

saphybris logoSAP

Formerly called hybris, SAP Commerce Cloud answers the clients’ needs for a personalized, easy, reliable, and fast online store. These features allowed SAP to become one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms. Meeting consumers’ needs is SAP’s top priority.

As a Leader

The ability to engage with customers on any device enabled SAP to become a leading eCommerce platform. Providing a solid foundation is easy by using an extensive modular design. This allows a more personalized experience that hooks up clients.

Main Features

SAP specializes in omnichannel commerce that allows access to multiple clients in any situation. Aiming for B2B and B2C users allows SAP to manage complex data at once. A centralized content archive allows the eCommerce platform to manage product content at ease.


The level of personalization in SAP makes it easy for entrepreneurs to edit their websites. A friendly and easy-to-navigate space allows customers to browse your store easily.

Managing orders is important in running a digital marketing business. Using Sap as a platform enables you to patch up orders at once without much effort.


SAP is costly. This makes it hard for small-time entrepreneurs to sustain their businesses using this platform. Running the system needs specialized implementation.

You need to undergo extensive training to maximize SAP’s full potential. Managing your platform is difficult without the right knowledge because of the absence of a community.

commercetools logoCommercetools

Commercetools is a top-leading eCommerce platform that specializes in making a powerful and sustainable brand. The highly-customized system makes a worthwhile experience between seller and consumer.

As a Leader

Commercetools is focused on making a revolutionary makeover of digital marketing. By developing a world-class eCommerce software, this platform is soaring the limits of digital marketing.

Main Features

Commercetools specializes in developing enterprise software, SAAS, API, omnichannel, and other digital marketing features. Using its advanced systems tools, Commercetools offers you the best digital marketing experience.


Commercetools offers flexibility in running a digital marketing business. Its ability to improve scalability makes it one of the top-leading software in eCommerce. The security it offers allows an entrepreneur to work at ease without any threat.


Commercetools find it difficult in mapping multiple customer contracts/custom pricing. The limitation in creative mapping makes Commercetools behind other leading platforms. You need additional information in terms of data mapping before engaging with Commercetools.


These leading eCommerce platforms help in developing a better digital marketing experience. Mastering how these platforms work helps in making your digital marketing business improve.

Utilize available resources and earn more using the world’s leading eCommerce platforms. Work at ease while maintaining a reputable marketing position. If you want to excel in digital marketing, check out and try these platforms.

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