DevOps is a set of practices in software development that seeks to integrate from the beginning of the project, the development of the system (Dev) with the operation and execution of the same (Ops). The main objective of this methodology is to shorten development times, providing continuous deliveries of new versions and improving software quality.

DevOps is complementary to the Agile methodology, while Agile has as a fundamental pillar the iterative development, DevOps has its greatest strength and potential in the integration, collaboration and communication between areas and work teams in order to achieve shorter development times.

Benefits of the DevOps methodology

DevOps aims to maximize the predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability of operational processes. Very often, automation supports this goal.

Implementation frequency improvements

Lower failure or crash rates in new releases

Reduced waiting time between corrections

Faster time-to-market

DevOps Tools

Nu Technology engineers have extensive experience in different sets of tools that support the DevOps methodology. These are known as “Tool chains” and their objective is to comprehensively cover the entire development and delivery process. From coding, building, testing, packaging, release, configuration and monitoring of our clients’ information technology systems.


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