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NU Technology is one of the leading technology solution providers in the services, manufacturing and finance industries. With our exceptional expertise in various software development platforms and by being immersed in the essentials of the industry, we strive to be the best in reliability, quality and support.

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Our Customers First

We strive for excellence in pursuit of our clients, being our main objective to fulfill what is proposed at any cost.

We are a single team

We take care of our NU family by encouraging them to provide excellent service, so we always give our maximum potential in benefit of our customers.

Digitally Yours


NU Technology provides your business the desired outlook and results by delivering high quality and effective IT services and solutions. We constantly strive to reinvent ourselves and provide standardized solutions.

eCommerce experts

Our qualified staff has the tools to find the required solutions, either with open-source technologies or in-house developments, always providing the best quality.

Our Accelerators

We build accelerators to decrease our customers' time-to-market by offering the best solutions in less than half the time it traditionally takes.

Case studies


Try our CDN service. The best in the market in terms of cost and quality.

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